Concert Features Full Orchestral Arrangements

Sophia Bartolo, Staff Writer

Orchestra preformed in its annual winter concert in the CPAC at 7:30pm on Wednesday, February 18.

“Putting a big production like that together presents a challenge. I have the strings in class by themselves, then we add the winds and percussionists later. I work with them [the winds and percussion] separately. We have to have lunch rehearsals, morning rehearsals at 7 AM, and evening rehearsals. We are very lucky to have the support of the staff that let the winds out of 5th period,” explained instrumental music teacher, Johnny Johnson.

The night began with 3 pieces played by different chamber groups. The pieces included classics by Von Ernst Schmidt and Alexander Borodin. “We had three chamber groups playing. They [the chamber groups] showed their individual musicianship and work ethic,” said Johnson.

Chamber groups consisted of 2-4 musicians who prepared for the performance together. “The beginning was beautiful,” said freshman and contrabass player Mikee Pedrozo.

Freshman and audience member Jelina Liu agreed with Pedrozo. “I think the quartet did especially well,” explained Liu.

When the last chamber group walked off the stage, the orchesta set up their instruments.

First, the orchestra played “S’altro che lagrime” from La Clemenza di Tito. Senior and soprano chamber singer Julie Meng joined them on stage to add to the program her opera-like voice.

“She [Meng] was a really good singer, props to her,” said Pedrozo.

Then the orchestra played acts I, II, III, and IV from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 in C major.

“We played a masterwork, Beethoven’s first symphony. It’s hard to say what’s the favorite one [piece],” explained Johnson.

“Overall it was a really good concert. The night could have improved with more movement. From my point of view we looked very still and movement is very important,” said Pedrozo.

The night ended with a table of treats prepared by the music program’s parents.