Business Club Tours Facebook

Sophia Bartolo, Staff Writer

The Business Club traveled to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park on Friday, January 30, for a tour of the social media giant’s facilities.

The tour took members through the office park’s row of restaurants and shops, as well as through an office building where members saw Facebook’s open working spaces.

“We took a tour and they showed us what they [the employees] do,” said sophomore Grace Burnite. “I enjoyed seeing the people working and they answered some questions of ours about what we want to do when we are older.”

Freshman Anna Jiang explained, “We went in, and they lead us around, and they talked to us about all the free food and told us we should come work here.”

Junior co-president Kelly Pien coordinated the tour through a contact at Facebook. “She talked to him [the contact] in the beginning of the year to get us a Facebook tour,” explained senior co-president Jacob Ngai. “They [gave] us a presentation of the history of Facebook; how it became what it is now.”

Jiang enjoyed the trip, though she was disappointed that is was so short. “They showed us one [office] building, but it was super quick. We walked in and [the tour guides] told us to hurry,” she explained.

“It’s pretty similar to what we did last year, [when] we went to Google headquarters,” said Ngai.