Kindness Club Sponsors Holiday Treats

Katy Ly, Staff Writer

The Random Acts of Kindness Club (ARK) handed out candy canes to students during school on December 15 and 16. ARK also posted snowflakes around campus.

According to club president Hannah Buck, Monday and Tuesday were “the hottest days of the week,” meaning they were the busiest for the club.

“We put them [the snowflakes] in every classroom just to try and get some holiday spirit going, and to be excited for the holidays,” said Buck. “Not necessarily just Christmas, but all of the holidays that are coming up.”

The club met at lunch on the previous Friday, December 12, to prepare candy canes and snowflake notes.

“It’s just a fun way to get excited for the holidays coming up. I mean, everyone loves to celebrate, and have fun with their family, and enjoy the break, so just to start getting into that fun kind of spirit, we thought we’d do something the week before break,” added Buck.

Buck and her vice presidents, Alannah Buyce and Caitylyn Burnite, came up with the idea together.  “Me and Caitlyn were in the club last year, and last year we did the snowflakes, so we decided we’d do them again this year, and that we’d add in the candy canes as a fun way to get people even more excited for the holidays. I personally really like candy canes, so I think it’s just something that people will be excited to get and to just not have do anything to eat it, but just for being at school and just having fun,” Buck explained.

“I think it’s very sweet,” noted English teacher Tina Mayer, who is the supervisor of the ARK club. “I think it’s a lovely idea, and they enjoy working with each other.”

“Everyone loves candy canes while it’s raining or if it’s sunny, so I think it’ll just add to the winter spirit,” Buck said.