Kaiser Skit Warns of Careless Choices

Lexie Reinecke, Staff Writer

Kaiser Permanente’s sex education skit, Secrets, was performed in the large gym on Monday, October 27. A majority of the freshman class attended during 4th period, aside from the few students whose parents exempted them.

The play follows 5 high schoolers, Eddie, Monica, Kelly, Ty, and Denise, as they learn about sexually transmitted diseases. Eddie is dating Monica, but Eddie has had unprotected sex before. Monica and Eddie are in a committed relationship, but Monica makes the decision to abstain from sex. Initially Eddie isn’t happy about Monica’s choice, but he comes to respect it. Eddie’s friend Ty convinces him to go to an HIV/AIDS clinic to get tested. Eddie’s results turn out positive; he has AIDs.

The play also addresses other sensitive topics such as teen pregnancy, sexual orientation, and the danger of drugs and alcohol.

Freshman Jared Kolsut liked the assembly. He said, “I thought it was a nice way to approach the topic of STD’s and stuff. It helped us learn more about it.” Classmate Alex Lowe agreed, “I think it was a very informational show in a comfortable setting for most students.”

One of the biggest issues addressed was consent in sexual activity. Actor Christine, who declined to state her last name, explained how students can say “no.” “The main thing is to literally just say ‘no,'” she said. “ I think a lot of people are scared to say ‘no’ in a lot of situations because of media or friends telling them to do it, but you should speak up and say what you feel comfortable with and what you don’t feel comfortable with.”

The play included scenes where students would experience peer pressure such as at parties. Freshman Olivia Rogers said, “My favorite part of the play was when they were at the party because it was realistic.”

“My favorite part was when they were getting tested for STD’s because of the suspense,” said freshman Lauren Granlund.

One person laughed when Eddie found out he had AIDS. Granlund explained, “It was disrespectful but it was really funny.” Kolsut added, “Some parts were funny, but that’s just because, like they said, people might have been uncomfortable with the topic so things came off as funny.”

The show ran for about an hour, and was followed by a short question and answer session. Actor Emily, who played Kelly, said “the question and answer session is the best part, getting that opportunity to get real questions and address whatever concerns the kids have.”

Students who were interested were able to stay after the performance and ask the actors questions that they didn’t want to ask in front of everyone else.

Secrets visits a new school everyday, free of charge. The purpose is to provide students with the information they need to make safe, smart decisions in their teen years. Actor Derricka, who also decline to provide her last name, explained, “We’re just here to give people the facts. We’re not telling people to have sex or to not have sex but just when they do choose to have sex, here is all the information they’ll need to do it safely. It should be an informed decision.”