Whacky Fashion Flavors Week

Rachel Jin, Staff Writer

Students shed their usual varsity jackets and Lululemon leggings in favor of stars, stripes, glitter, and everything in between during Homecoming week. Even more decorative than the students themselves were the A, B, C, and D halls, laden with streamers and posters.

Each day of Homecoming week was assigned a different fashion theme: Tuesday was USA day, Wednesday was crazy day, Thursday was city day and Friday was class t-shirt day.

Themes were determined by Leadership and the senior class. Leadership advisor Dino Petrocco explained,  “At the senior breakfast, they put it out to the seniors, who came out with a short list, and then Leadership voted on those.”

The diversity of the students’ costumes mirrored the varied opinions on the Homecoming dress-up concept. Some students approved of the idea, such as junior Thais Terrien. She said, “It was cool, and there was a lot of spirit.” Others were less enthused. Sophomore Michael DaRodda said he was “bitter” about dressing up.

Sophomore Gabriel Valverde-Turner said he would have liked to have San Francisco for a class city. DaRodda suggested “Tokyo.” Petrocco joked that he would have preferred the theme to be “salad dressings. That would have been a good one.”

Students went up to the football field during lunch on Tuesday to pick up their class t-shirts, each designed to fit the respective assigned city themes: Berkeley for freshmen, New Orleans for sophomores, Nashville for juniors, and Honolulu for seniors.