New Boards Promote College Visits


College Career Boards

Mallory La Piana, Staff Writer

Bulletin boards for the college and career center were hung outside of the library this summer. The new boards were coordinated by college and career counselor Joan Batchellor.

“These boards are put up outside so students can get the information about different colleges and careers and don’t need to go in the library to find out what’s happening,” Batcheller said. “With 96 college visits coming to Campo, the boards give you exact dates and information on when and where they will be at the school.”

Batcheller was inspired to put bulletin boards outside the library when she went to Acalanes and Miramonte, and saw that their college and career centers had boards all over their schools.

Senior Emily Stephens said, “Having the boards outside the library is helpful because it helps give more information on when a college is coming to Campo.”

According to finance Shelley Hadley, the boards themselves cost $936. The boards came with glass coverings.

Batchellor works ever day at the college and career center, which is located in the back of the Campolindo library.