Phone Banks Promote Measure A

Michael Navruzyan, Staff Writer

Measure A ballots were mailed to the citizens of Moraga on April 25. Once the measure ballots have been filled out, they are to be mailed to City Hall for a vote count.

Measure A is a parcel tax that will give the Moraga community and the school more funding. “We need to renew the parcel tax which is about to expire with Measure A,” Associate Principal Sharon Bartlett said.

“We need the community to vote for this measure in order to help make our community a better place to live,” Bartlett explained. The measure needs a two-thirds vote to pass.

Campolindo stands to gain much if the measure is approved. “If Measure A is passed, the new parcel tax will will help the school with everything,” Bartlett said. She hopes that the funding will help create a “teacher to student ratio that makes more sense.”

Freshman Scott Hillhouse is excited to have Measure A pass. “I definitely want to see Campo become a better school, and I will tell my parents to vote for Measure A to improve our school,” he said.

Parent Laverne Esteban said, “I cannot wait for this to go through,” she said. “It will be good for my son to have more choices for classes, it will broaden his interests. I will be voting for Measure A to help this community.”

Teachers and staff members have been promoting Measure A by phoning residents and reminding them to send in their ballots.

“There are phone banks, which us staff members and teachers use to call people to encourage them to vote yes. We answer their questions and talk to the community on our own time,” Bartlett said.

Leadership students are also helping get the word out by calling members of the community after school. According to senior Newton Kwan, the calls were made by underclassmen, because it would be directly affecting their future.