Graffiti Crime Offensive, Costly


Casey Miller, News Editor

Graffiti spray painted on the walls of the G-wing and the small gym greeted students arriving to school on Friday morning, April 11.

Among other more profane messages were included “Girls get off your knees” and “Trapped in a world where money controls.”

Miramonte was also vandalized, with similar messages, as well as a red “C” which would appear to be intended to suggest the crime was committed by Campolindo students.

“I think it’s really awful because I don’t think people should deface our school!” junior Addie Naton said.

“I think that the graffiti was destructive, but it had kind of weird messages,” another student said.

“I think it’s bunch of crap. The same students are whining and complaining that the school doesn’t have something or the school can’t provide something, and not realizing that we have to pay custodians for their time, we have to buy paint, and we have to waste a bunch of time and money to erase a little graffiti,” said math instructor Tom Schumann.

The perpetrators are unknown, as of April 11. “It could be anyone. It could be somebody from in the district, it could be somebody from out of the district, because not just our school was hit but other schools too,” Schumann explained.

“Maintenance was working at Miramonte at 3 a.m. this morning, and they are now coming here to work on ours. The Orinda police and the Moraga police have filed official reports for both schools. Pictures have been taken of the graffiti and we are going to pursue it because it’s very expensive,” Vice Principal Sharon Bartlett said. “Usually cleanup for something like this costs a couple thousand dollars.”

“Some [messages] were pretty good, like the money one. But others were kind of awful, like the “girls get off your knees,”” Naton said.

“I found the graffiti offensive. I am very sad and disappointed that that’s still where people are thinking. There were things that I thought were racist, there were gender inappropriate things.  There were also some things that made me think that it wasn’t a Campo student because some of the wording sounded like it was targeting Campo students and everybody else, which makes it a possibility that it was somebody from another school as well,” Bartlett said.

“We are pursuing all leads, both schools are looking at cameras, and certainly we are going to do our very best to get it solved,” Bartlett said.