Broken Pipe Shuts Down Campus

Jack Moeller, Staff Writer

Campus experienced a plumbing problem that resulted in the cancelation of afternoon classes on April 8.

Unable to provide restroom access, the school was forced to suspend the school day.  A cracked water main was the culprit, though the cause of the damage is unknown.

According to Vice Principal Sharon Bartlett, “it was just something that happened. One of the main waterlines is cracked and they [the maintenance workers] had to shut it down.”

The only bathrooms available were the concession stand facilities at the football field.

The water outage also effected the Blood Drive for staff and students. “I was originally planning to give blood, but you need to be hydrated. I have not had any water today,” Biology teacher Rene Gillbert said.

Students were excused during 4th period.  The remainder of the day’s classes were cancelled. Students  over 18 years old were allowed to sign themselves out and leave without parent permission. For students  under 18, they had to obtain parent permission via telephone.

None of the athletic team practices were canceled.

Note: This article has been corrected since its original publication.