Rodin Sculptures Highlight Museum Visit

Shea Danforth, Staff Writer

AP Art History class took a trip to Stanford to visit the Cantor Center for the Arts, which displays works of art and sculptures of 19th century western art, on March 18.

The class focused on the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin, who designed most of the sculptures in the center. History teacher Molly Kerr’s favorite piece was Rodin’s sculpture “The Kiss”.

AP Art History was introduced as an elective course this year. Already, the class has gone on many field trips. Kerr said, “The field trips are really good for the kids. And the students are able to learn insights that are not possible for me to duplicate in the classroom.”

Carlson said, “My favorite part of field trips is being able to get an experience outside of the classroom. Here in the Bay Area we have so many opportunities to learn about art and architecture, so why not explore it.”

This was a particularly memorable educational excursion. Senior Hannah Grubbs said, “It was really cool to see the sculptures that we were studying in person and get an opinion on them rather than what it says in the book.”