May ‘Coffee Shop’ Features Art Journal

Grace Deskin, Staff Writer

Art teacher Jill Langston is working with students to publish a Creative Arts Journal, a book of art, writing, and photography submitted by students.  The deadline for submitting art was February 28, and students will present their work May 25.

Langston has done this in the past at other schools.  “It was really fun to do, and we look forward to seeing the final product.  It’s just a way of celebrating student art, and not for an exam or a grade,” she said.

According to sophomore Ariel Song, the Journal was made as a way to inspire people. “I think it’s a really cute and simple idea!  It’s like an artsy, inspirational book that exists just to inspire or uplift people’s day, like that’s so nice, I’d pay money for that!”

According to  junior Michelle Pang, Art 3, Advanced Art, and Art Honors students were required to submit a piece to the Journal. However, she would have entered anyway, “I thought it was a good idea, and I was really interested in seeing it happen,” Pang said.

“When the final product is done, we’ll try to sell the products of it at the ‘Coffee Shop’,” said Langston.  The Coffee Shop is an event for students to read their poems, short stories, and show off their art.  The Coffee Shop will be in the library May 25.

“We’ll just have a night of Campo creativity,” said Langston.

“I really like the Journal, and I like the idea, and I hope that it is successful, and I hope that it becomes a tradition,” Pang said.