Faculty Reconvenes Monthly Senate

Grace Deskin, Staff Writer

Hoping to take on a more active role in campus issues, teachers have reformed the Faculty Senate.

The Senate was originally formed in the late 2000s.

Made up of one representative from each department, the group meets monthly.

According to social studies teacher Caron Brownlee, the Senate “maintains a positive environment between colleagues and in between administrators and colleagues.”

Members of each department elect one person to go to the Senate meetings.  Although the Senate only has a one member from each department, the meetings are open for any faculty member.

According to Principal John Walker, the Senate started having meetings again because the teachers and staff wanted to be more involved in supporting the positive campus climate. Once the Senate finds a solution to a problem, a member of the Senate meets with him after the monthly meeting, and gets him “up to speed” about the issues the Senate discussed.

One topic the Senate has discussed is how to spend the faculty’s Wednesday morning meetings more effectively.

Science teacher Jane Kelson has high hopes for the Senate.  “It’s a democratic and efficient way for faculty to continue to have input to how we can keep Campo running smoothly, and keep morale as high as we can for both teachers and students.  It keeps a positive climate on campus,” she said.

“I think the Senate is a great tool for the faculty to discuss ways to improve Campolindo,” Walker said.

“It’s a safe, confined place where someone can go, or give complaints, and [the Senate] will fix it in gentle ways.  Almost like group therapy,” said Brownlee.