Guest Pianists Highlight Concert

Joan Harris, Staff Writer

Orchestra performed their Winter Concert on Thursday, February 24 at the Campolindo Performing Arts Center, with two guest pianists, Daniel Glover and Thomas Hansen.

The stage not only managed to hold the whole orchestra but also two grand pianos.  The student orchestra performed “Capriol Suite” by Peter Warlock, “Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in D minor” by Francis Poulenc, and “Le Carnaval Des Animaux: Grande Fantasie Zoologique” by Camille Saint-Saëns.

The students were joined by Glover and Hansen during “Le Carnaval Des Animaux” and “Concerto for Two Pianos.” Glover and Hansen are a two-piano team who met at the Franz Liszt Competition in Urecht, Holland which is an international piano competition.

Freshman Cello player Erika Reipe said, “We were really excited about playing with them, and they were really nice.”

The event began with only string instruments. Performers who used other instruments, such as the tuba or percussion instruments, joined the stage later. According to violinist, Cullen Jacuzzi, they practiced for about two months for this particular performance.

“The turnout wasn’t too big, but it was definitely a big performance for us because we were playing with two amazing piano players,” Reipe said

Band members joined the Orchestra students for parts of the performance. Junior Mika Braun, who plays the French Horn, was asked by Johnson to play in the concert. “I just played one piece, the piano duet ‘Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in D minor’ by Francis Poulenc,” Braun said.