Conference Promotes Common Standards

Lauren Williams, Staff Writer

Three members of the English Department, teachers Tom Duffy, Tina Mayer, and Anne Hebert, attend a Common Core Conference in Sacramento on March 27 and 28.

“Mr. Duffy, Ms. Mayer, and Ms. Herbert expressed interest in going to the conference,” said Principal John Walker.

According to Walker, the conference will focus on the new set of English standards issued by the state of California. “The standards in some ways are similar to our old standards, but there are some significant changes.”

Unfortunately the teachers will be gone during school days, so substitutions will be necessary. Walker said, “This is not ideal, but it is important for our teachers to get professional development.”

Duffy believes that although his department is already meeting many Common Core standards, they can still improve. “Campo already utilizes many of the new standards,” said Duffy.

The school district will provide the funding to send the teachers to the conference, according to Walker. Other schools from the district are also sending representatives. “Teachers from Los Lomas and Acalanes will be attending the Conference, but as far as I know, not Miramonte,” said Duffy.

Walker is excited about the transition from STAR testing to Common Core assessment. He feels that the new curriculum is more modern and up-to-date. “The old standards were rigorous but in some respects were not tailored to a 21st century student and the new standards emphasize a lot of skill: writing skills, reading skills, and technology skills,” he said.