Hikes Highlight Yosemite Program

Michael Navruzyan, Staff Writer

37 Campolindo students visited Yosemite the week of February 2 as part of an outdoor science program.

The trip was chaperoned by 6 Campolindo teachers: Dino Petrocco, Roxanna Jackman, Jessica Hoffschnieder, Petro Petreas, Jamie Donahoe, Jane Kelson, and Cheryl Rego. The students left Sunday morning on February 2 and came back Friday evening on February 7.

“It was an incredible trip and it definitely exceeded my expectations,” Senior Samantha Bartak said.

Senior Ellen Hann enjoyed the trip as well. “My favorite part of the trip was not only being away from school for a week, but also being a great learning experience,” she explained.

The weather was “permitting” according to both Hann and Bartak, and no activities were postponed. “The weather was a little chilly, but it wasn’t too bothersome,” said Bartak. “It was cold but sunny, and it was definitely fun it when it snowed,” said Hann.

While the Yosemite terrain was breathtaking and the activities enjoyable, the accommodations were not a highlight for Hann. “The trip was great, but the food wasn’t that good. It doesn’t matter though. The trip was still incredible,” she explained.

The students hiked up to Yosemite Falls during the trip, and Bartak and Petrocco believe that the hike was the most memorable activity. According to Petrocco, the hike was seven miles up to the falls and the view was outstanding.

Petrocco also enjoyed the trip because he got to meet new students that he hadn’t known before. “I got to meet a lot of Campo kids that I did not particularly know, I got to know them well and see them outside of the classroom. I got to share my experiences with them, and it was a great trip,” he said.