Programers Visit School Board

Kelly Pien, Opinion Editor

Introduction to Computer Programing and AP Computer Science teacher Carol Paymer, along with sophomore Jiho Kim and seniors Tori Oto and Geoffrey Ringlee, presented on Campolindo’s computer science courses and their upcoming “Hour of Code” project to the school board about at its bimonthly meeting on November 7.

The purpose of the presentation was to debunk common myths about programing, and to bring “some awareness to the board of what programing is all about,” Paymer explained.”

“Sometimes, when people think of programing, they picture braniacs in dark rooms typing away, and it’s not like that at all. I wanted to show the board how much creativity and individuality there is in our work,” Paymer said.

During the presentation, Paymer, Kim, and Oto presented processing programs from the introductory course. Kim, a current Intro to Programing student, demonstrated use of a drawing program he developed.  He projected an animated star that changed colors as an example. Oto, a former Intro and current AP student, talked about how the two courses differ. Paymer presented other processing programs that students created in her classes this year.

For AP Computer Science, Paymer and Ringlee demonstrated the Finch robot (a small robot that can be programed to move, change colors, and make noises) and the accompanying program. Ringlee talked about the 2nd semester of Computer Programing and about his experience with the Deloitte Competition, a contest in which students design a way to clean up an oil spill. Ringlee and his team placed 2nd.

“It was very formal, so it was very different. They were all really nice,” Oto said of her experience talking to the school board.

“They’re very friendly, very attentive, a bit intimidating. But it was fun. It was a unique experience,” Ringlee added.