Delegates Spend Weekend at Camp Roberts

Lindsay Wilson, Lifestyle Editor

Youth and Government members will attend their first conference of the year, the Training and Elections (T & IE) Conference, held at Camp Roberts in Paso Robles from November 9 to 11.

In addition to approximately 35 Campolindo students, 2,500 to 3,000 delegates from throughout California will be participating in the conference. Students will leave on Saturday at 5:30 a.m. from the Lafayette Bart Station and return Monday afternoon.

Students will be housed in barracks at an army base near the conference. They will wake up at 8:00, have breakfast, and then attend various seminars at the conference throughout the day. During the evening, they will have free time where they will mingle with other delegates.

According to Sergeant at Arms Spencer Nichols, the “Bob” Conference is the equivalent of a training session. New members as well as veterans will learn about Youth and Government and discover different program areas by attending seminars and lectures.

Junior Regan Gong is excited for the conference. She hopes to learn more about the program while in Paso Robles. Gong joined Youth and Government because she wanted to learn more about the legal process and become a better public speaker. “I wanted to improve my knowledge of lawmaking and my public speaking skills,” she explained.

Nichols hopes to investigate the different roles Youth and Government has to offer. “I want to learn more about different program areas. Last year I was a senator, so this year I want to try something new and learn about the different opportunities I have,” he explained.

Because T & EI is the first Youth and Government conference of the year, Nichols believes that it will be a good learning as well as enjoyable experience, as the members prepare for the T & IE II Conference and the Sacramento Conference later in the year. “I want to have fun and show everyone what Youth and Government is all about,” he said.