Academic Scrimmage Opens Season

Harris Sahar, Staff Writer

The Academic Decathlon team hosted a scrimmage in the campus library on Thursday, October 9. The practice competition included representatives from Acalanes, Miramonte, Los Lomas, Dublin, and Foothill High Schools.

The competition was comprised of multiple choice tests; one tested knowledge about art, the second tested math skills and the third tested science prowess. Each test used World War I as the primary content focus.

Each test was worth a maximum of 1,000 points. “Zachary Sherer tied with Triston Caro and Sarada Symons for first in Science and Sarada Symons won first in Art,” said coach Paul Verbanszky.

There was not a speech or essay component in this particular tournament, however they will be added in the county tournaments in January. “This tournament is district and scores help decide who goes on to county, the first official competition in January,” said Verbanszky.

Teams consist of 9 students. Each team has 3 varsity, 3 scholastic, and 3 honor division representatives. Honor students are required to have a GPA ranging from 3.750-4.000, while scholastic participants’ range from 3.000-3.749 and varsity competitors range from 0.00-2.999.

Team captain Triston Caro said, “Freshman year, I was looking for something to replace debate and Acadeca had a large speaking component. After going to a few meetings I really liked it, so I kept coming back and it just took off from there.”

Caro has been leading the club, organizing, creating presentations, and teaching the assistant captain Uma Gaffney.  “Because I’m a senior, I’m going to graduate and I need to pass on my knowledge to Uma,” said Caro.

Acadeca has grown since Caro’s first year. “There were maybe 15 people who were dedicated my first year and now there are about 60,” said Caro. “Recently, it’s been senior heavy, partially due to their success. In general, there are very mixed grade levels,” said Verbanszky.