Video Tackles Cross-Curricular Project

Michael Navruzyan, Staff Writer

Video production will be working on a project through the course of the year, which will integrate lessons from classes such as Drama, Video, Art, and AP Music Theory.

Junior Rachel Lin, who has taken Video Production since middle school, will write the screenplay and direct the film. “The movie will be about a girl who works at the theater. She develops a friendship with an old man that is regularly at the theater. The old man is a drunk and unpleasant, but she comes to understand him,” she said.

Video teacher Justin Seligman will supervise the project. According to Lin, the students aim to finish the project in time for a film festival on February 28, but Seligman does not expect it to be ready by then due to the lengthy production process. “I anticipate it’ll take all year,” he said. Even if it is not ready in time for the film festival on February 28, it will be submitted to other film festivals and contests.

According to Seligman, the project will include students from different classes. “We have a Video 3 student who is writing a screenplay. We will then go through screen tests with drama students to determine the actors of the play. We’ll then record their dialog in the sound-isolation booth. Then we’ll have another Video 3 student use Adobe After Effects to animate the scanned in storyboards, and sync it with the voice overs. That will be a pre visualization of what the movie will be,”  he said.

After the students plan, they will film and edit their production on campus. “Everything else besides the film production will be done in class,” said Seligman. According to Seligman, an AP Music Theory student will write the score.