Pig Dissections Perturb Biologists

Kelly Pien, Staff Writer

AP Biology students dissected fetal pigs in class from May 17 to May 29 in order to learn about biological systems.

According to AP Bio teacher Rene Gillibert, the dissections are intended to enhance the textbook lesson. “We learn about the different body systems and their organs. This gives them the opportunity to see these for real,” said Gillibert.

According to Gillibert, the students followed instructions in a “dissection book” to dissect the pigs. “We open up the pigs to look at their organs and organ systems,” said Gillibert. Students could then identify the different organs.

Some students were nauseated by the pigs. Junior Emily Biro disliked the smell and the look of the pigs.”I thought they were gross, but I think they held an educational value,” she said.

Other students, such as senior Weston Gillbanks, didn’t mind the pigs and enjoyed the experience. “I think they’re pretty interesting. It’s interesting to see how similar any mammal is to any other mammal,” said Gillbanks. “The way everything works. The way things fit together and how well they’re perfected for what they’re supposed to do.”

Gillibert added that some of his students will be seeing animal interiors in the future. “I have students who are going to be doctors and veterinarians, and these sorts of things are in their future, so they’re not grossed out by it,” said Gillibert.