Music Department Recognizes Seniors

Emily Fong, Staff Writer

The music department hosted its final concert of the year on Saturday, May 18. The performance featured the Big Band, the Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and the Orchestra. The event was held in the Campolindo Performing Arts Center (CPAC).

The concert was the final official sendoff to this year’s senior class from the music department. At the end of the concert, the seniors lined up along the stage and were saluted individually for their hard work and dedication. Band director Johnny Johnson, along with a special appearance by previous director Harvey Benstein, gave each senior verbal recognition of their achievements.

The showing was a heartwarming display to many. “I was almost holding back tears knowing that I wouldn’t be able to play with any of these seniors after next year,” said sophomore Nadia Aquil. “It was still really sweet.”

A reception was held for the performers and for their friends and families in the multipurpose room immediately after the show. Homemade sweets, drinks, and a cake bearing the message, “Congratulations, Seniors!” were ready for consumption by the masses. Parents were encouraged to bring snacks and drop them off prior to the concert, according to a post on

The future looks bright for this year’s senior class. “I know a lot of them are heading off to schools to study music and things,” said Aquil. “But it’s hard to imagine playing anywhere better than Campo. I mean, there’s Carnagie Hall. I guess that’s a little bit cooler for some.”