APES Fills Post Test Time with Video Project

Jessi Gunn, Staff Writer

AP Environmental Science teacher Tren Kauzer’s classes are making video commercials about environmental issues as a project.

Kauzer thought the videos covered a wide range of information on a variety of topics. “Overall, they were really impressive, they turned out well, they were informative, and they covered a broad range of topics from AP environmental science,” said Kauzer.

Senior Marissa Chan enjoyed the project, which the class worked on after the AP test. “It was a fun project to do, and it was really funny watching all the other commercials that everyone made,” she said.

Kauzer was inspired to do this project during a technology conference. “Following the AP test I wanted to give my students the opportunity to be creative, have fun, and show what they learned throughout the course,” he said.

Students made 1-2 minute videos using the iPads and iMovie software, according to Kauzer.

Seniors Becca Crisp, Kim Garcia, and Nora Mohammed worked together on a video about Campo recycling. Mohammed said, “We chose Campolindo recycling as our topic because we thought that the school has a lot more room to improve on daily habits.”

According to Crisp and Mohammed, the projects were fun to do, but some of the videos had unforeseen difficulties. Crisp said, “Nora accidentally deleted the video the day before it was due. So we had to do the entire video that took us a week to make, in 20 minutes, in the next class period, but we pulled it off!”

According to Chan, her group’s project was about carbon and the CO2 emitted from cars each year.

Chan said, “Our commercial was basically showing the parking lot and Sammy (Chan) choking and falling down a lot, showing the negative effects of co2 on human health.”

Students we’re encouraged to use the Campo environment to film their videos. Chan said, “We decided that since Campo had a lot of cars, we would utilize the parking lot.”

Mohammed enjoyed this project. She said, “I got to spend time with my friends in APES class, and I got to learn how to use iMovie.”