Photographers Win Art Competition

Marko Durovic, Staff Writer

Juniors Natalie Seidemann and Emmy Melkonian received honors in this years Don’t Turn Your Back on AIDS art competition. The competition was held in the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland. Seidemann received 3rd place, and Melkonian won the Founder’s choice award.

“Its almost like they have 2 first place winners. They have the first place winner that is chosen by the panel of judges, and they have the Founders choice, which is selected by the founder of the Flowers Heritage Foundation, so he gets to choose one that really resonates for him,” said Photo teacher Colette Sweeney.

Melkonian and Seidemann chose to participate as a part of their photography class curriculum. “Ms. Sweeney encourages us to enter at least 2 art contests a year,” said Seidemann. Over 100 contestants entered from 15 Bay Area schools this year. This year 20 students from all of Campo’s photo classes, which include Photo 1, Advanced Photo, and AP Photo, participated.

“The Flowers Heritage foundation works to promote AIDS awareness in the Bay Area, and over the years they have put together a Bay Area art competition. They invite high school students to come up with designs having to do with AIDS awareness,” said Sweeney.

“We had to edit and submit pictures that represent the fight against AIDS,” said Melkonian. “We printed them out, framed them, and then we took them to Oakland where the panel of judges chose the best piece.”

“There were cash prizes, but more importantly, the process of doing this helps students become a bit more aware about AIDS and that is really what the whole purpose of it is, ” Sweeney said.