Antica Hosts Junior Class Fundraiser


Students could order take out or sit down for the Junior class fundraiser at Pizza Antica.

Sarada Symonds, Staff Writer

Instead of doing homework, juniors went to Lafayette’s Pizza Antica for a class fundraiser January 30. 15% of the proceeds went toward the Junior class fund, which will be used to help pay for the Junior Prom in April.

Class President Newton Kwan encouraged juniors to either eat at the restaurant or order take out. He said, “All the money we raise goes back to them, so it’s really beneficial for juniors to attend.” The fundraiser, which began at 5:00pm, required students to tell their waiters that they were representing Campolindo. Kwan believed that location was an important aspect of the fundraiser. He said, “The pizza’s really good, and food is a key part of fundraising.”

Junior Mariette Ebarle believed that a lot of the students came for the food. “Their pizzas are really good, and they have fast service,” she said. Pizza was a popular choice for students, as well as pastas, salads, and desserts. Junior Stefani Henderson said, “I ordered two small marinara pizzas.”

The restaurant itself was filled with Campolindo students, with wait times up to 30 minutes. Ebarle said, “I saw a lot of people from school there, and the tables were mostly full.”

Since the proceeds were going to Junior Prom, students were supportive of the fundraiser. “My dad suggested we go because we knew there was a junior fundraiser,” said Ebarle. “This way we can have a fun prom without it costing the school a lot.” Junior Stefani Henderson went on her own in order support her class.“I wanted to raise money for junior prom,” she said.

There are plans to do more fundraisers, according to Junior class leaders. Kwan said, “We’re going to try to host one a month, so that we can raise as much as possible.”  Henderson said she would consider attending future fundraisers, especially for junior class activities like prom. “It really depends on where they are,” she said.

Although the prom theme has been chosen, it is still being kept secret from the juniors until prom night. “I’m pretty sure all the prom moms are sworn to secrecy, but my mom knows what it is,” said Jaqueline Van Ardenne.

In November, juniors voted on possible prom themes for this year, including Midnight in Paris, James Bond, and Glow Room.