Merryman to Film in Nicaragua

Emily Fong, Staff Writer

Senior Kyle Merryman received a Global Student Embassy scholarship to film a documentary on environmental issues in Nicaragua.

“It’s really exciting,” said Merryman. “I’m going to be working on a screenplay to determine what I’ll be filming.”

In addition to the documentary, Merryman will also be using a traditional point and shoot camera to document the various projects of the exchange students.

The trip focuses on “hands-on service-learning projects and cultural exchanges,” according to the GSE website.

GSE Program Director Mallory Bressler has been working closely with Merryman and the Lorax Club in preparation for their trip. She said, “People are comfortable in front of the camera with Kyle. He’s got great aesthetic.”

According to Bressler, the scholarship fund of the GSE is fueled by grants or private donors.

While on site in Nicaragqua, students will be presented with the opportunity to build gardens and farms to promote education of sustainable farming.

“We’ll be trying to understand what developing countries are facing and their problems with environmental issues,” said Merryman.

The participants will also be able to enjoy time exploring the countryside.

“It’s to let us see the area, the beauty, and to understand and value the Earth more, and also to understand that [the country] is not inhospitable,” said Merryman.

According to the Foundation for Sustainable Development, Nicaragua faces problems with rapid deforestation, land rights, usage of pesticides and access to fresh water. Much of the country’s woes lead back to a lack of sufficient government conservation efforts and promotion of sustainable lifestyles.

“In the U.S., we don’t hear a lot about South America. Not a lot of people know what’s going on in those communities,” said Bressler.

The exchange group leaves for Leon, Nicaragua on Friday, March 29th and returns on Sunday, April 7th.