Candy Grams Fund Leadership Activities

Sarada Symonds, Staff Writer

For the first time, Leadership spread holiday spirit by selling candy grams to students for $1 each. Selling approximately 250 candy grams, Leadership students delivered them to classes all day, December 21.

According to ASB president Justin Archangel, the money is going to the senior and junior class accounts. “We’re going to use the money for various class activities,” Archangel explained.

The grams were candy canes that included a message from the purchaser to the recipient. Junior class president Newton Kwan said, “Students are writing the message, and we attach it to a candy cane and send it anonymously.”

Junior Jacqueline Guelfi bought several of the grams at lunch. “I bought them to annoy my friends,” she said. Junior Marina Han said, “I bought seven for one friend. One for each period.”

Guelfi added, “I’m excited about sending them, even though I’m not in their classes. They really spread the holiday spirit.”

This is Leadership’s first candy gram sale. “We’re hoping to continue it next year,” Kwan said.