Sticker Groups Mix up Campus


Students search for others students with matching stickers. This was the first activity that launched the Mix It Up Days.

Luther Kuefner, Staff Writer

Leadership ran lunchtime competitions on November 14 and 15, coined as “Mix It Up” days, which attempted to attract students from across campus by assigning them into groups based on stickers handed out during reading period.

This was the latest event coordinated by Leadership, following on the heels of “Dress Your Culture Day.” Commissioner of Diversity and Culture Anjali Bajaj said, “The goal is to have a larger variety of students participating and interacting with people they normally don’t talk to.”

The mixing began on the 14th with Leadership distributing multi-colored dots to the student body during reading period. At lunch, students found other students with matching colored dots. The goal was for multiple students to band together into a diverse group. Students who were in groups of 10 students or more could meet in front of the library to redeem candy. According to ASB Secretary Everett Tsang, the largest groups had 25 students in them.

The second day consisted of activities all over campus, including 4 Square, jump rope, and hopscotch. Leadership also organized a handprint mural, where students traced their handprints on pieces of paper. The mural will be put up in the Library. Freshmen Cameron Atwood said, “It was very cool to see everyone filled with enthusiasm.”

According to Senior Social Secretary Kian Maghsoodnia, the goal for the Mix It Up Days was “to allow people to meet new people and even make some friends.”

Freshmen Maya Bulos said, “Running around and meeting new people was fun.”