Culture Day Showcases Heritage


Credit: La Puma/ Sarada Symonds

Sarada Symonds, Staff Writer

Campus celebrated the concept of social diversity on November 9 with “Culture Day,” a school-wide event where students dressed in traditional clothing representative of their respective ethnic heritages.  The event corresponded with a nation wide observance of diversity.

Last year, Commissioner of Diversity Anjali Bajaj celebrated Culture Day with her friends. This year she decided to make it school-wide. “My goal was to see people dress up, and that’s how conversations get started,” said Bajaj. As to the low participation rate, Bajaj said, “It wasn’t as much as I would’ve hoped for, but it’s a start.”

Junior Leona Lewis, who wore traditional Chinese garb, was disappointed by the lack of turnout. “I was expecting a lot more people to dress as their culture,” she said.

However, some students do support the idea of a campus wide Culture Day and want to continue it in the future. Junior Megan Zhu hoped that Culture Day will expand. “They should let people bring cultural food,” she said. Freshman Callie Cunningham agreed, adding “Next year they should have an activity.”

According to Junior Class President Troy Westernoff, leadership plans on continuing this event next year.

Westernoff said, “It was a good day to express who you are and what your family’s culture is.”

According to Bajaj, Culture Day showcases the diversity of the campus population. Lewis said, “I think it’s important because it’s a part of your identity. Since you’re a part of it, it’s your responsibility to help it live on. It helps make you a well-rounded person.”