SF Symphony Offers Professional Model

Brooke Presten, Staff Writer

Orchestra and band students attended the San Francisco Symphony’s open rehearsal on October 11.

According to Music Director Johnny Johnson, about 45 band students attended the field trip.

Johnson said, “To see the way professionals put together their music for the concert is an incredible experience for the kids.” According to Johnson, the trip to San Francisco was valuable for the students who strive to become musicians because they saw what it takes to get to the professional level. “To observe people who’s career is music, and to see them making a living off it is very helpful,” he said.

The San Francisco Symphony focused on rehearsing German composer Bach. Although senior clarinet player Allison Baymiller doesn’t like the style of Bach, she enjoyed the overall experience of the trip. She said, “I liked going to it. I didn’t like all the pieces the symphony played. I loved hearing my instrument being played by professionals. It was amazing.”

For Johnson, in his first year as the band teacher, it “was the perfect trip.” According to Johnson, the students who attended were “well behaved and classy.”

The hope is for Johnson’s students to use their experience from watching the San Francisco Symphony in their upcoming concerts. Orchestra will perform on November 15, followed by band concert on November 22.