Confiscated Hedgehog Livens AP Biology


Kevin Fong, Editor-in-Chief

A hedgehog recently took up temporary residence in the classroom of AP Bio teacher Rene Gillibert. The hedgehog, named Flinch, was brought to Gillibert by his sister, Nicole Koziki, a California Fish and Game Warden, on Friday, October 26.

The hedgehog only stayed for a week. It is illegal to sell or own hedgehogs without a permit, which are only issued for research, public exhibition, and shelter. Gillibert said, “[Koziki] confiscated it from someone who was selling it on CraigsList.”

The hedgehog stayed in the classroom while Koziki searched for a place to keep it permanently.

“I think the kids are interested in it.” Gillibert explained. “We talked about how animals have evolved differently for defenses.” The class also discussed why it is not right to trade the animals and how it can be damaging to native species.

Senior Jiwon Lee appreciated the hedgehog’s stay. She said, “I’m really sad that it’s leaving because I’ve always wanted a hedgehog.” Fellow AP Bio student Diana Kossakowski agreed. “When we have down time in that class, I think its fun to admire the hedgehog,” she said.

Although Gillibert and his students were sad to see the hedgehog go, Gillibert intends to pursue opportunities for other animals to make appearances during the year.

According to Gillibert, the hedgehog has been placed in a zoo or wildlife museum.