Chocolate Funds NY Choir Trip

Colette Wright, Staff Writer

Chamber and concert choir sold chocolate bars to fundraise for their upcoming trip to New York. They will perform at Carnegie Hall on April 10-14.

“Our goal is simply to raise as much money as possible to lower the overall cost of the trip to the students and their families,” said Choir teacher Mark Roberts.

The idea to sell chocolate was presented to the choir by World’s Finest Chocolates, a company that specializes in fundraising. Choir students sold the bars at one dollar apiece, with each box holding 50 chocolate bars.

Senior choir member Lucy Li was pleased with how her sales went. She said, “I’m surprised that people buy chocolate on the spot. Everyone loves chocolate. It is a good way to fund raise.”

“I believe the students [enjoyed] the fundraiser and really [stepped] up their commitment to the choir and themselves,” said Roberts.

The money will allow students to participate in music workshops, which are “about music and theory” according to junior Jennifer Reiches.

As choir students get closer to their fundraising goal, excitement for the trip is building, and students are looking forward to spending time with their fellow classmates. “The choir is great. It’s a good group of people this year,” said junior Will Martin. “It’ll be a great trip. I will enjoy hanging out with friends there.”