Scout Project Helps Clothe Dominican Orphans

Nikki Honda, Co-Sports Editor

Junior Nathaniel Armen, a 6 year veteran of Troop 212, collected gently used clothing to send to the Dominican Republic for his Eagle Scout Project.

Armen decided to base his Eagle Scout Project around this trip to Jaroboca Orphanage with his church last Thanksgiving. He said he thought it would be a “better way to give back to kids that need things.”

Once he decided to send clothes to the orphanage, he began the Eagle Scout Project process by filling out a packet about his plans for the project. Then, he found out what the children needed and posted flyers, put ads in newspapers, and made announcements at wrestling practices.

One of his requirements was to have letters of recommendation, which he received from teachers Chris Walsh, Tom Duffy, and Tom Renno.

Duffy described Armen as self-motivated and diligent. “He understands that there are people less fortunate than ourselves that need help and he’s doing something about it and that’s cool.”

Renno coached Armen in wrestling for 3 years and said he wrote about why Armen would be a good eagle scout in his letter. Renno said, “Anytime you help other people that’s a good thing, and I applaud students for trying to help the greater world.”

Armen said his next step in his project is to sort the clothes, pack them, and send them to the orphanage.

Armen’s overall goal is to collect 26 duffel bags at 50 pounds each. He said his garage is currently “full of clothes that need to be sorted.”

Donations are being accepted through the first week of November. There is a bin in the quad on campus and at his house where gently used clothing can be donated.

In order to fulfill the Eagle Scout requirements, Armen had his friends and fellow troop members assist him in his community service hours.