Cougar Baseball Fans Attend SF Victory Parade

Colleen OBrien, Lifestyle Editor

A record-breaking crowd of 1 million people showed up to celebrate this year’s World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants, at a down town victory parade on October 31.

Fans started showing up as early as 5 AM to claim their street-side seats, and the crowd quickly piled up so that the sidewalk was completely choked. Once the parade started, the sidelines became a huge mosh pit of screaming fanatics.

Among these screaming fans were a significant number of Campo students, such as senior Krystal Budde. Budde described the experience as “a once in a liftetime kind of thing.”

“It was crazy,” Budde said. “You feel united with everyone; we’re all there for one cause and everyone is so excited.”

Freshman Alyssa Wright felt the same way. “There were a lot of people, and there was a lot of screaming. It was really cool to see so many people so excited.”

Attendees all agreed that their favorite part of the parade was getting to see the players themselves. “It was really cool to get to show my support for the team and all they’ve accomplished, on and off the field,” Budde said.

“I wanted to experience it because I didn’t get to go in 2010. I thought it would be fun,” Wright said. “It was really, really worth it.”

Budde agreed. “I mean, how many days can you go to school versus how many times do the Giants have a parade?”