District Choir Festival Offers Critical Feedback

Jessi Gunn, Staff Writer

3 choirs from Campolindo participated in the 10th Annual Acalanes District Festival on the 16th and the 18th of October. Choir directer Mark Roberts said he was “very pleased with everyone’s performance.”

The District festival “takes all of the high schools in Acalanes district, so Las Lomas, Campo, Miramonte, and Acalanes and then we all come together and sing,” said Roberts. According to Roberts, this festival used to happen in the 70’s. This is the 10th year since it started back up.

According to Roberts, this event lasted all day and each choir had opportunities to work with a guest professional musician. This year the guest was former Campo choir director, Doctor Gene Peterson. Senior choir veteran Julia Vehar said, “Each choir would go up and preform their pieces” to get criticism and advice from Peterson.

This festival spans 2 days. Roberts said, “The first day is for mixed choirs, those with men and women and that’s on Tuesday and those are our Concert choir and Chamber singers, and then Thursday is woman’s choirs and our Sophomore girls participated in that.”

Sophomore Margret Hunger participated in this Festival for the first time this year and said that it was a tiring experience, but over all “it was worth it because the concert ended up being really good.”

Vehar, a 3 year veteran to this festival, said that “Campo did a lot to be proud of” and “both chamber and concert choir preformed extremely well.”