Open House Usefulness Questioned

Cathie Gastelum, Photo Editor

Teachers displayed student work and talent to the parents during the annual Open House, held on May 17.

Every year, parents arrive at school to view their childrens’ work, and students get the chance to see their yearly work on display. The families of incoming freshmen often use this opportunity to visit the school. Counselor Jake Donohoe said it “provides a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to see Campo, meet teachers and check out electives.”

However, some students, like Senior Mykaela Lewis, feel that Open House is only valuable to incoming freshmen. “I don’t really get the point of Open House after middle school, because there isn’t that much stuff to show,” said Lewis.

Lewis believes that in order to attract more students and parents, Campo needs more on display. “If I were a parent, talking to the teacher is cool, but I would like to see how my kid is doing,” Lewis said.

Some of the classes that provided displays of student work included the art classes, Wood shop and Video.

Wood shop teacher Don Dupont featured student projects as well as his own. Dupont brought out a bed headboard that he had created for the State Fair. He said that normally he would sell a project like that for four thousand dollars.

Art teacher Jill Langston also featured her students’ work, including painted lanterns and umbrellas with dragon designs, in honor of it being the year of the Dragon.

Incoming principal John Walker made an appearance at the Open House as well.