Faculty Panel Sends New Principal Pick to Board

Kevin Fong, Staff Writer

In response to Mrs. Kitchens’ recent retirement announcement, the district has accepted applications and conducted interviews in order to find a suitable replacement for the veteran Campolindo principal.

One part of the process was comprised of candidate interviews by a panel of current faculty.  This panel held interviews with six candidates for the position, and afterwards gave their recommendation to the district board. Department heads and other important campus figures, like Athletic Director Bob Wilson, were part of the panel, which conducted the interviews at the district office.

Leadership Advisor Dino Petrocco was also one of the faculty members on the panel. “[The candidates] were all vice principals or principal sit-ins,” Petrocco said.

The faculty panel asked all interviewees the same questions, but they were also allowed to ask follow up questions. Then they ranked the candidates individually and discussed who was the best fit for the job. Math teacher Petro Petreas said, “All candidates had pros and cons.” He added, “I think it’s a tough decision ahead.” Petrocco agrees. He said that whomever is chosen will have “big shoes to fill,” adding, “I think that whomever they choose will do a good job.”

Along with the faculty panel, separate parent and district staff panels conducted interviews and gave their own recommendations for the next principal, according to Petreas. The superintendent will also give a recommendation to the School Board, who will officially hire the applicant.

The final appointment will be announced Wednesday, May 2.