Women’s Choirs Take Fifth at Golden State Competition

Nikki Honda, Staff Writer

Concert Choir and Women’s Ensemble placed fifth in the annual Golden State Choir competition at the Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church on Saturday, February 25.

These two choirs consist of about 100 girls.

Choir instructor Mark Roberts said, “I’m really proud of all the work the girls put in; it was fantastic.”
Sophomore Samantha Garcia said, “Considering how competitive it was, I thought we did really well.” A large variety of schools, ranging from Monte Vista to Clovis, were in attendance.

The competition included ten of the top-notch choirs in the area, each singing one required piece and two others of their choosing. This year each school sang “Os Justi,” a Latin song composed by Eleanor Daley.

Roberts said the competition environment was, “pretty friendly. It didn’t feel like a competition because everyone was so supportive.”

Garcia described the competition as “super intense.” She said, “We all had to sing this required piece, and it was very cool seeing the differences amongst all the other schools.”

Considering Campo was one of the few schools that included sophomores in their choir, Roberts was very proud. He said, “It was nice that across the board the feedback was that we performed better than expected.”

Lots of preparation and practicing went into their performance, with lunch rehearsals every day and practices many weeks in advance.