Merryman Wins Shakespeare Competition

Matt Klein, Staff Writer

After triumphing over five competitors to win the school-wide annual Shakespeare contest, Kyle Merryman went on to compete in the English Speaking Union’s National Shakespeare Competition, but lost in the first round.

Actors were asked to memorize and recite a Shakespearean sonnet and a 20 line monologue of their choosing. The sectional competition was held on March 3rd at Archbishop Riorden High School in San Francisco, but Merryman did not place in the top three competitors.  “Everyone who made it there made it because they are passionate about Shakespeare,” Merryman said.  There were sixteen contestants in the first round, and the judges chose five to come back the second round.  Merryman did not perform in the second round, but he “watched and enjoyed their performances.”

The Campo competition was held on February 16th in the CPAC immediately after school. Judging the competition were English teachers Tina Mayer, Dan Doyle, and Jamie Donohoe, as well as Physics teacher Sarah Marheine. Mayer volunteered to be the staff adviser for the competition this year after Donohoe stepped down after last year.

Merryman, who performed a Claudio monologue from Much Ado About Nothing, credited his success to thorough preparation. He also performed the same monologue in the school production of Much Ado, which he said gave him confidence.

“As judges, we were looking for the performer that really knew his piece and really showed great emotion during his performance,” Doyle said. “Kyle did just that and that’s why we chose him as our winner,” he continued.

“I am really lucky that I am able to do this and participate in such a wonderful competition,” Merryman said. “I am both proud and thankful that Campolindo has such an amazing Drama and Arts section, and that students are presented with wonderful opportunities such as this competition.”

“I am really happy for Kyle; he did a great job,” fellow competitor Mina Arasteh said of Merryman’s performance.

The judges were impressed with the performers, and were happy that the competition was able to continue this year. “What a great thing to do to gather in the CPAC after school and get six really talented actors to perform for us,” Mayer said.