Dream Team Earns Second Place with Halfway

Cathie Gastelum, Photo Editor

Seniors Taylor Hunt and Sam Crossley’s video-making group, the Dream Team, won second place in the Iron Filmmaker Contest with their short film Halfway.

Each contestant of the Iron Filmmaker Contest must follow the given theme and shoot and edit the video within 24 hours. This year the theme was “There’s no place like home.”

The Dream Team won $100 for placing second and also won the Audience Choice award.

The 1st place award went to the adult group, No Pins, for their short film Guilt, about a girl who wants to come home after running away with her boyfriend.

Last year Crossley’s group won 3rd place with their video Be Wishful What You Care For under the theme, “Be careful what you wish for.”

This year, Hunt and Crossley came up with their story idea after a personal experience. Crossley met a homeless man at the Albany Bulb who lived in a greenhouse. He said, “I was in Albany and there was a homeless guy… with this Library who would lend these books out to people.”

In their film, a homeless man finds a home in the books he owns. Hunt said, “He shares his love for books with this child… and also finds home is his books.”

Senior Charlie Lowell plays the homeless man, and Hunt’s brother Hayden plays the child. “It starts out with a homeless man, and you find out he is homeless because he is washing his face in a public bathroom… He sees a book in the window of a store that he wants to buy, and he uses the money that he got from begging to buy the book he got from the store, soon you see him in the park reading the book he got from the store.” While in the park the homeless man then talks to a young child.

“We didn’t finish editing till around 9 a.m the next morning,” Crossley said. Over the night, the team edited the film twice, once for the voice over, and the second time to cut two scenes.

Other Campo students played major roles in creating the film. Seniors Jaquie Miller and Griffin Piatt helped with the writing of the script. Hayden Hunt, Gail Wilson and Chalie Lowell comprised the cast.  Jeff Sawdon helped with sound and makeup.

The contest is open to filmmakers ages 13 and up. Contestants must create a 3-minute video within a 24 hour time period. Each contestant must submit their film at 11:00 the following morning.

Heidi Roodvoets, a student from Miramonte, submitted a film with the group Paranoid Productions. The film, entitled “Mans Best Friend,” is a story of a rock who finds a home with a man who uses him as a paperweight. Roodvoets won the award for Most Creative Use of theme.