Town Creates Climate Action Council


Natalie Li, Staff Writer

The Moraga Town Council created a Climate Action Council on January 11. Officially known as the Climate Action Plan Task Force, this council is tasked to develop a climate action plan for Moraga.

The council’s goals are to outline the community activities that meet State-approved regulations of greenhouse gas emissions and reduce Moraga businesses and developers’ environmental needs. The council will be held over a term of 18 months, starting on March 1st.

Jill Keimach, Town Manager, described it as a “group of fifteen people in the community tasked for goal of making a plan for reducing greenhouse emissions or other polluting activities.” She said that the goals include “reducing 20% of gas emissions by 2020,” encouraging “greener” ways of transportation, and emphasizing purchases of locally grown produce.

Junior Mina Arasteh is one of the fifteen members of the council, and she believes it is important for “businesses to follow and meet uniform regulations and become more sustainable.”

When choosing the council members, Keimach said that a “broad range” of people was chosen. “In the council, there is a local businessperson, a student, a professor of St. Mary’s, and more people to help bring perspective to the meetings.”