New Environmental Science Room Funded by Measure E

Mary Orders, Staff Writer

A new AP environmental science classroom was used for the first time Monday, January 9th, by students of Amanda Renno and Jane Kelson.

Vice Principle Sharon Bartlett said the classroom was added because more space was needed to accommodate the growing number of students enrolling in the environmental science courses.

The room was funded by the Measure E bond. In addition to this classroom, Measure E funds have been used to renovate the old home economic and cooking rooms. The bond was also used at Miramonte and Las Lomas to renovate and improve art classes and culinary classes.

The measure has also helped to fund new technology, including the new computers that are mounted on the wall in the environmental science class. The new AP environmental science room also features two new computers at every lab station. APES student Rachel Albrecht said the computers will be used in labs throughout the rest of the year.

The new room is also more spacious than other classrooms, allowing teachers to walk about  and check student work more freely. Renno said the class has a good layout and she definitely likes it. Albrecht thinks the room is a lot cleaner and allows students to focus more because it has fewer distractions.

Senior James Marvel said, “The class is wonderful and I think it was a worth while investment.” Senior Aja Adair added, “I think every teacher deserves their own classroom.”

Renno and Albrecht recently visited the school board to explain reasons for the growth in demand for environmental science courses, and explain how the new classroom will impact student learning.