Leo Club Promotes Driver Safety with Poster Contest

Brooke Presten, Staff Writer

Leo Club members have decided to host a driver’s safety poster contest throughout January to February 7. They hope to promote drivers’ safety awareness with a poster making contest that will help remind students of the dangers of texting or talking on their phones while driving.

Leo Club president Elodie Kwan said, “Any form of media, whether its painting, drawing or photography, will help promote drivers’ safety awareness.” Club members will participate in this poster contest, and first prize will win $100.

Moraga police officer Michael Dreyfuss made a special appearance at a Leo Club meeting last week to talk about his job and what he has faced for six years working in the community. Dreyfuss said, “You may think I am a police officer, but I’m not. I am a behavior modification specialist.” His specialty is traffic and he is determined to keep the town safe by enforcing its laws.

Leo club adviser John Baitx also appeared at the January Leo Club meeting. Baitx organized the 31st Annual Crab Feed which took place on January 21st. Leo Club members were asked by Baitx to sell auction tickets and work at the feed. Baitx said, “The Leo Club will get $500 from the proceeds of the feed plus tips. This will put about $750 into the club treasury.”