Online Course Registration Debuts


Scott Fox, Staff Writer

Office staff have finalized plans to change course selection from the traditional form students filled out on paper to an online process. The switch comes in tandem with the new online progress reports.

Students will experience the change as counselors begin visiting English classes this month in preparation for course selection for the 2012-2013 school year.  In addition to reviewing transcripts, these visits will include online registration tutorials in the computer lab.

Registrar Deanna Rauch said, “Going online is more environmentally friendly and a more efficient way to go. We used to print 1400 forms but we don’t need to anymore.”

The change also relieves some budget stress. “The cost of paper is $80 a box, and the number of man hours to do the course selection are cut down,” explained Rauch. Counselor Jeanie Ballard said, “The machines no longer work for Scantron, and going online makes Cougar days easier.”

After sending in the online selection form, students still need to meet with their counselors to finalize a course schedule. Ballard explained, “The online form is just preliminary data. It gives us a sense of the numbers per section of course.”  The counselors verify with the parents on course selections in May.

The district is hoping the switch will also get the parents more involved.  “My hope is the kids will talk to the parents more and they will look at the catalogue of classes together,” Ballard said. “We will see really quickly who doesn’t do it at home.”

Rauch added, “We like them to keep their parents in the loop.”

Adjusting to the new system may be a little difficult at first.  “I think the school will adjust well. The parents may have a harder time,” said Rauch.

“Last year a lot of things changed for us. Everything is becoming more technological,” freshman Rachel Sniderman said. “Going online is easier to access and more efficient. It will also be nice to take more time in selecting courses.”