“Madsen” Rocks German Students

Madsen Rocks German Students

Sebastian, Sascha, and Johannes Madsen rock out in the SF City College Amphitheater.

Jacob Ngai, Staff Writer

More than 100 german students went on a field trip to dance and sing along with the world renowned indie rock band Madsen. The concert took place in the San Francisco City College Amphitheater on November 2nd. Over 400 attended the concert.

The band’s members are three brothers: Sebastian, Sascha, and Johannes Madsen, along with their lifelong best friend Niko Mauer.

“They were very full of energy, they had great sound. They are very talented musicians,” said Junior Jacob Kluzik.

“I think that it is awesome that they are integrating German culture with our school curriculum,” said Freshman Sam Lee.

This concert was organized specifically by the San Francisco Goethe Institute. Many German teachers from schools around California also contributed in arranging for the band’s first tour around America.

“The planning was great.  There was plenty of time to respond and that made it a lot less stressful. The concert was great and the band had a lot of energy. It was the perfect day, and I liked how the band members were so friendly,” said German teacher David Blumberg, who planned the field trip for Campolindo.

Despite being a small punk rock band from Germany’s hinterlands (a small country side town), Madsen’s new album “Labyrinth,” is ranked 7th in iTunes’s top selling albums. Some students, including Freshman Samantha Heckle, found the band after seeing their popularity on iTunes and YouTube.

During the concert, band leader Sebastian announced that it was Sascha’s birthday and that they had prepared a surprise for the audience. Instead of rocking off behind the drums, Sascha sang while Sebastian played the drums.

After a love song, the band finally sang their hit song, “Du Schreibst Geschichte” (You Write History).

“We could actually understand some of the words and that was really cool and the lead singer was really energetic and entertaining,” said sophomore Cessie Nishimi.

At the end of the concert, the band walked out to a horde of fans waiting to give autographs, hugs, and pose for pictures.