French Classes View Le Havre

Lena Kauffman, Opinion Editor

The Honors and AP French classes attended a film screening at the New People cinema in San Francisco on Wednesday, November 2.

The 45 students that attended the field trip arrived in the city around 10:00 a.m. and met with a French cultural attaché at the Consulate. There they learned about the 2 hour film called Le Havre, which means “the harbor.”

Junior Mimi Ericson explained  that “the main character was a poor shoe polisher who discovers a African American boy that has snuck over to this country in a cargo-ship.”

“The police are after the boy to send him back, but the man decides to take him in and care for him. They become close and he begins to sacrifice his money, morals, and break the law to help this kid find his long lost father,” Ericson continued.

“He gets some friends to help him through this plan because his wife comes down with an [illness] and is in the hospital. In the end, the boy finds his father and the guy’s wife gets out of the hospital healthy and everyone lives happily ever after,” she explained.

After the film, students had 2 hours of free time to explore and have lunch. “It was a really fun trip and I would recommend it to other classes,” said Ericson.

Senior Kimi Klein said, “overall it was a fun and informative field trip about French culture.”

There are two French field trips each year, including a visit to the New People Cinema as well as the Legion of Honor.