Arasteh Battles for Vegans

Sarah Orders, Sports Editor

There may be more food options for vegans coming soon to the cafeteria. Vegan advocate, junior Mina Arasteh, is attempting to bring vegan options by the week before winter break.

Arasteh began this journey by conducting polls at the start of the school year to see what new menu options students would most likely want in the cafeteria. A few of the most popular responses were vegan chili, veggie pasta and hummus with vegetables.

Currently, there are tally sheets next to the number punch pads in the cafeteria for students to mark either “yes” or “no” for the various new menu options being considered.  Based, in part, on studetn feedback to these serveys, Arasteh plans to push for changes in the cafeteria lunch time offerings.

Arasteh has been working  with Suzette Ledford, the Lead Food Service Assistant, in the cafeteria. According to Arasteh, Ledford has been a great help and Ledford is the one working with the district on obtaining approval for these new, healthier options at Campo.

Arasteh’s main goal is to, “allow vegans and vegetarians to have more nutritious options and not have to go to the vending machines.” She also stated, “it is important to support ethically aware people.”

Fellow vegetarian, senior Emily Leach, does not feel the new options will affect her very much because she does not eat in the cafeteria. But she does believe the changes would be beneficial to not only vegetarians, but everyone. “I think the new options will help to promote health as vegetarian options are usually healthier,” Leach said.

Sophomore Stephanie Henderson, also a vegan, is in favor of vegan cafeteria options. She said, “Save the earth, the animals, and your health. Go Veg!”

Henderson was surprised by how willing the cafeteria was to consider vegan options and that vegans are finally being recognized.

Leach agreed that these changes are important because they will show that the cafeteria and administration consider students on campus that do not eat meat. Leach believes it will be fair to everyone if these demands for vegetarian options are put into effect.