Naviance Streamlines Rec Letter Process

Steven Wetterholm, Business Manager

It’s that time of year again…the time for seniors to begin their college applications and clamor to compile their transcripts, financial information, personal data, and, of course, some complimentary letters of recommendation. While students lament the stress of the whole process, teachers too must weather the storms of the application season as they begin the yearly process of writing letters of recommendation.

Math teacher Nick Schoen completed one letter in September for a student who is applying for an early decision, and has eight more letters to complete by November 1st.

Schoen explained, “The content of my letters is twofold.  I like to address issues of character, such as the conscientiousness, kindness, and curiosity of a student.  Secondly, I describe the student in terms of his achievements, participation, and work ethic.”

Teachers appreciate receiving adequate lead time and follow-up communication.  Social Science teacher, Paul Verbanszky, advised, “I encourage students to first talk to teachers as soon as possible and not wait until the last minute to request a letter.  Teachers also like to hear back from the students about whether the letters helped them be admitted to the schools of their choice, since it does take time and energy for teachers to produce the letters.”

Naviance is a new tool that can help manage and streamline the college application and letter of recommendation processes, but can make recommendation protocol a little complicated. The proper etiquette is for the student to first ask a teacher personally and then make an online request on Naviance.

College and Career Advisor Gwenly Carrel explained, “To help teachers and counselors write recommendation letters, students complete the Campolindo Student Statement, and their parents complete the Parent Brag Sheet, both of which are found under the “About Me” tab in Naviance.

Even paper and stamped envelopes are no longer required.  Teachers simply upload their letters directly into Naviance, and the letters  are sent electronically to the colleges where the student has applied.

Students no longer have to worry about whether letters or transcripts have been sent on time because Naviance’s tracking system reflects all completion dates.