What Your Brunch Order Says About You

The mad dash for brunch every morning is chaos. Students can be seen rushing from their second period classes in an effort to grab a snack that will last them until lunch. Unbeknownst to them, their brunch choices can say a lot about who they are inside. Here are The Claw’s impressions of you based on your brunch order.

Breakfast burritos – You love food. Your favorite grocery store is probably Trader Joe’s, and every time you grab the Chili & Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips (Takis, but healthy) as a snack. I like you! You’re me.

Muffins – You probably can’t handle spicy foods and you most certainly prefer the chocolate muffin. In college you want to study business, and you’re in at least two clubs. You’re a mediator in your friend group and you love going to Campo sporting games.

Parfaits – You’re a gym rat. You probably go to bed early and are obsessed with eating the most protein. You probably watch TikToks in class when there’s free time, and spend your Saturdays working out with friends.

Zombies – You wear pj pants to school and always go off campus for lunch — either Starbucks, Nations, or Chipotle. You probably cut your bangs at home, and you tend to be pretty impulsive. You took/are taking AP Art History, and your favorite season is summer.

Lemon loaf – You wish you were at Starbucks right now, and you love all yellow foods. Bananas, boxed mac & cheese, tortilla chips, and Goldfish are your go-to snacks. You probably take AP Psychology and you’re definitely the mom friend. I want to be your friend!

Cereal – you’re most likely in Leadership (hint: HOCO), and for some reason you don’t drink milk. You only drink coffee and every morning you show up to school in the carpool line with your friends. You prefer the humanities courses offered at Campo, and you participate in all dress-up days.

Pizza Bread – They were out of burritos. Or, if this is actually your brunch of choice, you’re probably taking statistics. You seem pretty cool, and you tend to be laid-back. You’re most likely an extrovert, and every Friday night you can be seen in the In-N-Out drive through.

Benefit Bars – You don’t actually want this, you just don’t want to wait in the lines. You’re pretty easy to please, and there is a 99% chance you do a Campo sport. Go Cougars!

Fruit – You try to be healthy, and you probably shop at Whole Foods. You’re in AP Art and like Extra Spearmint Gum more than anything. Also anything mint flavored. You love indie-pop and make Spotify playlists in your free time.

Bagel – You’re indecisive, you do a distance sport, and you probably have an “old soul.” You probably head to Jamba Juice every week, and your car is decorated with a myriad of car magnets and stickers. You have cold hands and feet and always need a jacket — yet, you never wear one.

You don’t get school brunch – You’re either extremely lazy and don’t care, or you bring your own. In this case, you have a 4.0 unweighted GPA while simultaneously taking all AP classes.