Drama Program Creates Welcoming and Enjoyable Environment


Grace Franklin

Drama is a popular elective that teaches students a variety of theatre-related skills.

Campolindo’s Drama class is 1 of the multiple elective options presented to students. But what really goes on in this class? What activities are available to students in this class? What is the atmosphere like? Drama is a highly talked about class at Campo; from in-class skits to performances, this course is 1 of the most active on campus. The Claw got the inside scoop on the class from drama students and Drama instructor Chris McNevin to give outside students a better understanding of how the class functions.

McNevin said, “Each day we meet as a class is different. Some days we meet and just ask questions and answer questions and bond and connect and develop community. Some days we do theater warm ups and Drama [or] Improv games. Some days we break into groups or pairs and work on developing scenes and scripts for long-term performances.”

Drama 1 student freshman Alexis Awad enjoys participating in the many class activities and meeting new people that are also interested in Drama. “It is a really enjoyable class. It makes it go by really fast and it’s a good break in your schedule. It’s a little relief, knowing that after I come from harder classes, drama will be super fun and enjoyable,” explained Awad.

As for the differing activities in the Drama class, McNevin said, “The students in Drama 1 complete a variety of performances, from memorization and performance of speeches; to pantomime; to the adaptation of an epic story into an 8 minute performance using only chairs; to interpretive dance; to memorization and performance of a monologue from a Shakespearean play; and to the development and production of 2 to 5 person scenes.”

“Drama 1 students also work on developing a common vocabulary of important terminology and language necessary for working in a Theater Arts environment,” McNevin added. “Finally, Drama 1 students do some analysis and reflection, in critique form, of other performances. Drama 2 [or] Advanced Drama students work on developing and producing multiple monologues and scenes, to production and performance throughout the school year, to the adaptation of a Shakespearean play into a 10 to 12 minute performance using only chairs. Drama 2 and Advanced Drama students also complete analysis and reflection, in critique form, of other performances.”

The drama class puts on many performances that are loved by Campolindo students, staff, and family. Campo Night Live and the annual Improv Showcase are crowd favorites and require participation from a variety of drama students. Campo Night Live includes monologues from various teachers as well as performances from drama students making it a very popular event among the Campolindo community.

A performance that the students enjoyed participating in was the 8 minute epic. It required students to condense a movie into 8 minutes and then perform it on stage. Awad performed in the epic and said, “It really opened my eyes to acting on stage and in front of a live audience.”

Drama 1 student junior Vivian Gavillet agreed, “I think it was a really fun experience and a good way for me and the rest of our class to start to get a taste of performing on stage.”

The Drama class is known for its welcoming and fun atmosphere. Gavilett said, “It’s a super fun class and everyone is super sweet and really nice. It’s a really fun environment to be in and it feels really chill.”

McNevin’s goal is to keep the Drama environment fun and friendly. “As long as I am the teacher, the most important aspect of this program is community. We always develop and maintain a community. This environment is unique and special and it affords certain students a space to be safe and be genuine and feel connected.”

Gavilett encourages students to join the Drama program in future years, “I think drama is a very chill class and it’s a fun class to take. If you’re piling on the AP classes, it’s nice to have a break and have a fun class to do.”

Awad agreed and said, “I think students should join because I feel like it’s a good break from the rest of your schedule and it’s always a class that you know you’re going to have fun in. It’s a fun class and the teacher is nice. Also, you can meet a bunch of new people which is always fun.”