Scarcity of Motivation in Second Semester


Grace Franklin

As the end of the year approaches, many seniors (and students in general) can find it hard to stay motivated.

Motivation for students in the 2nd semester is a hard thing to come by. After finals and a short winter break, teachers jump right back in and start to ramp the workload up. For students, this all happens too fast and many students are beginning to feel like they’re falling behind or barely grasping the information. Students can feel burnt out and are just waiting for summer to come and save them.

Most students can agree school should not be this way; we all deserve to enjoy being at Campo. Several students opened up to The Claw about their 2nd semester feelings of stress and exhaustion:

Junior Josh Batra said, “I do [have 2nd semester burnout] a little bit because AP [classes] are really piling up everything so there’s a lot more homework to do in a short period of time.”

Freshman Jack Braun commented on his lack of motivation for this semester: “I have a lot of work to do and I am a lot less motivated to do it…Teachers should assign less homework and there should be more fun things to do around campus.”

Looking forward to the end of the school year, sophomore Issiah Ortiz said, “I want the year to be over and it to be summer because it’s been a lot of work…I think they should change the workload to try to make it more even in every class because I’ve been having full on 2 hours [of homework] a day for some [classes].”

When asked if she had senioritis, senior April Mao said, “A little bit, yeah…I try to get my work done and usually my friends will call and motivate each other to do work.”

It seems that students overwhelmingly agree that there should be less homework and more relaxing time outside of school. There is too much stress for students as the school year comes to a close and there should be more ways to help out with this and make it so they can perform well.